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W0W Census
Apr 19, 11 1:26 PM
Raid recruiting
Sep 14, 10 10:24 AM
The fall of ToC 10man
Feb 9, 10 8:42 AM
Service Updates
WELCOME to Crimson Shadow's website.

   Go to:      
 for main Home site of "Crimson Shadow" 0f  ' Icecrown '
   Go to:
   Go to:

  Here are the links to the "Crimson Shadow's" websites.
Hoping you find something helpful on them

     Brittaniey  :o)
Other Guild News

W0W Census

Brittaniey, Apr 19, 11 1:26 PM.
Congrats "Crimson SHadow"

Crimson Shadow is now Ranked #1 on the Horde side AND #1 Horde/Alliance combined. Meaning we are the largest Most activ Guild on our server.

Good work Members, I really appreciate all our efforts to maintain such a large guild and keep peace and order. I could no way do it with out the help of so many helpful and dedicated members doing everything for me..

Follow this link to ""

Thank You very Much

Raid recruiting

Brittaniey, Sep 14, 10 10:24 AM.
 We need to work harder at recruiting active raiders of our similar GS to join in our weekly saved raids,
 We are looking for mature active raiders who might be able to stay up past 11 pm now and then,

 Remember when recruiting that we schedule our raids at m7:30 pm week nights.  so recruiting near that time to securer new members that are active during that time is sensible.

The fall of ToC 10man

Brittaniey, Feb 9, 10 8:42 AM.
 Congratulations to Crimson Shadows Raid. For a full clear of ToC 10man last night. Yeap that's right, Cleared 2 weeks in a row.  Thanks to the members who shown up and did a great job. Looking forward to more members coming along to learn the fights and get that achievement.
    Thanks Guys

     Brrittaniey  :o)
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